Facials and Medical Aesthetic Treatments

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Prices vary depending on the skin types and needs.

Signature Treatments

ASA Anti-Wrinkle

Unveil a smoother, more luminous complexion using an exfoliate that’s expertly tailored to reveal your natural beauty.

Caviar Treatment Hydration

This opulent experience pampers your skin with the enriching benefits of caviar extract.

Collagen Stimulation (CS111)

Harnessing the power of collagen, this rejuvenating experience promotes firmness, elasticity, and a youthful complexion.

Acne Treatment

Combat pimples, scarring and dark spots, and discover clear, radiant skin with this specialised therapy.

Aromatherapy Facial

Experience a blissful escape as soothing aromas and gentle techniques leave your complexion radiant and your mind at peace.

Exclusive Cuvee Prestige

With the champagne of facials, your skin is pampered with the finest ingredients, as you indulge in the epitome of opulence and anti-aging treatments.

Hyaluronic Acid Treatment

Indulge in the luxury of deep hydration, unveiling a refreshed and dewy-looking skin.

Imperial Super Lift (Caviar)

Designed especially for the delicate balance of sensitive skin; minimising fine lines and wrinkles.

Phyto Stem Cell

This advanced therapy revitalises your skin, promoting a youthful glow.

Vitamin C

Immerse yourself in the brightening power of antioxidants, as this enriching therapy promotes a radiant skin.

Vitamin A Infusion

Vitamin A Infusion: Experience the power of retinol, diminishing fine lines and promoting a youthful glow.

24 Karat Gold Foil

Indulge in the opulence of pure gold, promoting luminous-looking skin.


This technique gently exfoliates, removing dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth, radiant, and ready to absorb the benefits of your skincare routine.


This non-invasive exfoliation treatment buffs away dead skin cells, unveiling a smoother and revitalised skin in just one session.


Frame your face with precision and confidence, waking up every day with effortlessly flawless, permanent brows.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatment

Harness the power of your body's natural healing properties, promoting collagen production and skin renewal.

Treatments, Peels Laser Therapy


Treatment: This minimally-invasive treatment stimulates collagen production, promoting firmer, smoother skin.

RF Microneedling

(RF) Microneedling

This advanced treatment combines the benefits of microneedling and radio frequency technology unveiling a revitalised skin.

Spider/Thread Vein Removal

Restore confidence in your complexion with this non-invasive solution for a flawless, spider vein-free appearance.

Chemical Peel

Addressing various skin concerns, this acid peel helps to minimise fine lines, reduce hyperpigmentation, and promote a radiant, refreshed glow.

Laser Therapy for Acne

Banish acne with this advanced treatment that targets and eliminates acne-causing bacteria, reducing inflammation and promoting blemish-free skin.

LED Therapy

Harnessing the power of light, experience the gentle yet effective glow-up, addressing various skin concerns for a visibly refreshed appearance.

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